Parcelle 15, Lot 34, Zone C1, Secteur 15, Ouaga 2000

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+226 25 37 41 22

+226 64 59 56 92

+233 55 444 8400


About B-EMSS

B-EMSS is a technical mining support Services Company fully incorporated under the laws of Burkina Faso. As a full-service mine support company, we provide our clients in the mining industry with the right combination of tools to ensure the effective, efficient and smooth conduct of their operations. We leverage our versatility, expertise, dedication and commitment o deliver value for our customers. Our area of expertise include…

  • Equipment distribution
  • Technical Support & Services
  • Parts distribution
  • Welding service
  • Engineering supplies

We have a team of professionals with over 20 years experience from various backgrounds working together to enables us to create the synergy that is the driving force of our company. With our firm belief in value for the customer our focus is on meeting clients’ needs and providing excellent customer experience at all times.

We make it our policy to incorporate globally accepted best practices in the industry into our business and observe all environmental laws.

We recognize that customer needs and preferences will continue to evolve as a result of the many dynamic and evolving phases of the mining industry. This is why we are constantly searching for innovative solutions to meet these needs. With us, the customer always comes first.

Keeping Your Production Wheels Turning

Our Values


We are appreciative of our people.


We take responsibility for our actions, both personal and professional.


High-quality service is a duty we owe to all our clients, and we deliver without hesitation.


We always remain true to our values

Team work

We believe that it a team to deliver the best customer experience, and we are committed to making that possible always.