Parcelle 15, Lot 34, Zone C1, Secteur 15, Ouaga 2000

Contact Nos

+226 25 37 41 22

+226 64 59 56 92

+233 55 444 8400


What We Do

Our core services include the supply and rental of ground tools, heavy equipment, spare parts and commercial explosives. We provide wear and replacement parts for heavy excavating machinery, and equipment for mining, construction and industrial activities. We also provide commercial explosives to surface and subsurface mines, quarries and construction entities.

Since we work with well-known manufacturers in the industry, we only provide authentic products to our customers. Our strong supply chain and distribution network allows us to deliver our products to our clients wherever they are and on time.

We acknowledge that customers will always have changing needs and preferences due to the many dynamics and ever-changing phases of the mining industry. For this reason, we are always looking for innovative ways to provide improved solutions adapted to these needs. This means that we attach great importance to our distribution and logistics chain in ensuring accuracy, speed, efficiency and value-added services.

Your heavy duty construction equipment is an investment; protect it with B-EMSS. No matter your equipment needs, B-EMSS has the relationship with manufacturers and can provide customized solutions.

Our technical support team is always happy to provide support and advice on our range of products.

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